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Describing the scenario that would have taken place after the player completes the Mavolia and Mana Sanctuary events

This is a good example of Friends of Mana borrowing something from another game in the series while taking liberties with its employment…

The scenario Legend of the Lampflower is a story focusing on the characters Mark and Jennifer who appeared in Legend of Mana. In that game, they were married with a child, Rachel, and tended the shop ‘Knight of Jema’ in Domina.

At the base of the Moonlit City of Lumina, there exists a forest of lamps, of which speaks the “Legend of the Lampflower.”
[Legend of the Lampflower – 聖剣伝説FOM Wiki]

  In Friends of Mana, they are not married, Mark has a crush on Jennifer, and Rachel’s role is left tantilizingly vague. In this story Mark ventures into the forest at the base of the town of Lumina to retrieve a Lampflower and win Jennifer’s heart. The ‘Legend of the Lampflower’ is sort of like a children’s story or tall tale, that the Lampflowers emit a brilliant light in the darkest of night that nobody has had the privilege to see for themselves because the forest is quite dangerous.

The story advances with one new event every night (Meaning in-game nights and not real-time) Let me walk you through it, to the best of my knowledge…

Night One

The story begins when Belbo, the local smith, asks you to deliver the Frying Pan of Love to The Manager in the Moonlit Town Lumina. Delivering the Frying Pan of Love will trigger a conversation between Mark and Jennifer. The webpages I’ve translated don’t elaborate on the contents of this conversation, but I’d be willing to bet this is where both Jennifer and the player first learn about the Lampflower legend, and it’s established that Mark is in love with Jennifer.

After receiving Belbo’s request to deliver the frying pan is when the player will first gain access to Lumina, where the bulk of this story takes place.

Night Two

Jennifer will approach you the next day, interested in the story of the Lampflowers growing below Lumina. She enlists your help, and the two of you will set off for the Moonlit Town that night.

You will investigate the Lampflower legend by speaking with the people of Lumina. The search ultimately leads you to the house of a student who has been studying the Lampflowers and apparently has gathered lots of good information.

After speaking with the student and reporting back to Jennifer elsewhere in town another meeting will trigger between Mark and Jennifer. The details are once again omitted from every source available to me, but given the context I’ll assume Mark learns here that Jennifer is interested in the Lampflower, foreshadowing the next night’s event.

Night Three

Jennifer comes by your home and informs you that Mark has gone missing. She asks you to help look for him, and the two of you return to Lumina. By speaking again with the townsfolk you learn that Mark has gone into the Lampbloom Woods. At this point you’re not yet able to access the Lampbloom Woods from the entrance in Lumina, but speaking with Jennifer will take you there for this part of the event. You find Mark under attack by a couple of basilisks, and with the help of your pet manage to rescue him before things get ugly.

Final Night

Leen is concerned about Mark and Jennifer, so that next night you set off for Lumina once again. Something odd happens before you arrive in town, however, as a scene plays out between Mark and the mysterious young girl Rachel

If you do nothing now, then when? You can’t run away, now” (Rachel)
[Characters – 聖剣伝説FOM Strategy Guide「MemoMana」]

After this scene the musician and company will arrive in the Moonlit Town and hear screaming in the direction of the Lampbloom Woods.
You are now able to access the Lampbloom Woods freely from the entrance in Lumina.

  After following his trail for some time you find Mark at a crossroads with four seperate branches. You’ll have to cycle through each
different path and extinguish glowing flowers using a variety of Manastones in order to open the way forward. If you don’t have the
right Manastone to extinguish a flower, the easiest way to get them is for 1000 Lucre each at the bazaar in town.

(You’ll also find a treasure chest at the end of each path.)

At the end of the Lampbloom Woods is a boss fight against Grapplavine.


H, How does such a monster exist…

The boss’s level is fixed so your own team’s stats will make a big difference in how the fight plays out, but if you’re having a hard time, Moonstones and Luna magic are apparently quite effective against this boss.

So, we return to Lumina and see the story’s conclusion. I don’t suppose Mark ever found a Lampflower for Jennifer, but I like to think
everything turns out well enough in the end.


It sounds like quite the romantic story

  That said, I’d like to share my thoughts on Rachel’s involvement in the story. She is clearly not the daughter of Mark and Jennifer, and
instead it seems she plays the role of some odd guardian spirit. Maybe not literally, mind you, but it’s worth taking note of the fact that
the only mention of this character in all the information we’ve gathered is that she “appears before Mark” on the final night of this

With information as vague as this, perhaps our minds ought wander to the Green Wiggly.

I don’t understand Rachel’s interest in Mark and Jennifer’s relationship, but it seems poetic enough that their troubled daughter would
be the one to sort things out, from across time, or space, or whatever manner of trouble should lie between them. Maybe this says something
about the relationship between the worlds of Mi’Diel and Fa’Diel that I’m too stupid to figure, or maybe it was just a narrative device we
were never supposed to understand. Speculation like this is what keeps the archive interesting, though. If you close your eyes and focus
real hard… see that? That’s me.

Anyways, that’s the end of “Legend of the Lampflower”


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